Saturday, 30 December 2017

QUIZ Answers

TV/Film Quiz, 20 Questions with a Nottingham City of Lit connection


This quiz first appeared at the Bromley House Library / Nottingham City of Literature joint Christmas party. The winners were Stephen Lowe and Tanya Myers.

Here are the correct answers.

One: The 1942 film noir This Gun for Hire, starring Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd, is based on a 1936 novel set in a fictionalised Nottingham that was written by?

a)       Graham Greene

b)      Dalton Trumbo

c)       Cecil Roberts

Two: Who played J M Barrie in Finding Neverland?

a)       Johnny Depp

b)      Brad Pitt

c)       Russell Crowe

Three: Which Golden Globe winning actor played John Harvey’s Detective Inspector Resnick in two episodic TV movies that ran in the early 1990s?

a)       Pete Postlethwaite

b)      Tom Wilkinson

c)       Ian McShane

Four: Ken Russell’s 1969 film adaptation of D H Lawrence’s Women in Love featured a controversial nude wrestling scene in which Oliver Reed grappled with?

a)       Alan Bates

b)      Kathy Bates

c)       Alan Rickman

Five: Who has played Lord Byron and Sherlock Holmes on TV?

a)       Benedict Cumberbatch

b)      Jonny Lee Millar

c)       Basil Rathbone

Six: Which best-selling crime writer starred in the kids’ sitcom Maid Marian and her Merry Men?

a)       Peter James

b)      Lee Child

c)       Mark Billingham

Seven: It was a Notts writer, Nigel McCrery, that created the BBC series New Tricks, but who appears in the most episodes?

a)       Amanda Redman

b)      Alun Armstrong

c)       Dennis Waterman

Eight: Rowland Emett – he of the Vicky Centre’s Aqua Horological Titinabulator (or ‘Emett Clock’) - designed the inventions of Caractacus Potts for which 1968 film?

a)       The Love Bug

b)      Back to the Future

c)       Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Nine: Who has not played the Nottingham born screenwriter and editor Alma Reville on screen?

a)       Imelda Staunton

b)      Helen Mirren

c)       Judi Dench

Ten: Which Notts playwright has written over 100 episodes of Coronation Street?

a) Stephen Lowe

b) Amanda Whittington

c) William Ivory

Eleven: Which Notts writer appeared on Coronation Street as the builder Eddie Ramsden?

a)       William Ivory

b)      Michael Eaton

c)       Stephen Booth

Twelve: Which Lord of the Rings star played Arthur Seaton in a stage production of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning?

a)       Ian McKellen

b)      Christopher Lee

c)       Sean Bean

Thirteen: Which book by John Lucas and Allan Chadburn was mentioned on Have I Got News for You?

a)      A Brief History of Whistling

b)      A Brief History of Jazz

c)       A Brief History of Beards

Fourteen: Mary Howitt was born with the same surname as which former A Question of Sport captain?

a)       John Parrott

b)      Ian Botham

c)       Emlyn Hughes

Fifteen: The Nottingham set BBC drama Murder was directed by the late Birger Larsen, a man better known for which acclaimed Scandi drama?

a) The Bridge

b) The Killing

c) Borgen

Sixteen: When Peter Bowles was the subject of TV’s This is Your Life, which of his former school teachers appeared as a guest on the show?

a)       Stanley Middleton

b)      William Golding

c)       P D James

Seventeen: Which of these writers/TV presenters was born in Nottingham?

a)       Penny Smith

b)      Ray Gosling

c)       Dale Winton

Eighteen: Who plays Jake Bugg’s mam in his music video for Two Fingers?

a)       Vicky McClure    

b)      b) Shane Meadows

c)       Su Pollard

Nineteen: Which comedian praised Jon McGregor’s Even the Dogs on Channel 4’s review show The TV Book Club?

a)       Sandi Toksvig

b)      Jo Brand

c)       Dawn French

Twenty: Which occasional BBC TV presenter, and former LeftLion editor, answers to the name ‘Mr Sex’?

a)       Al Murray

b)      Al Needham

c)       Aled Jones