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Make a Living From Your Writing

How to Make a Living From Your Writing – with Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is coming to Nottingham in April to deliver a seminar on making money from your writing. I’ve been impressed by Joanna’s website for some time. The Creative Penn is packed with practical advice useful for writers and her free guide Author 2.0 is well worth signing up for.
I asked Joanna Penn what opportunities authors should be looking at in 2015:
"2015 will be an exciting year for authors who want to please readers and expand their book sales. You can now sell in 190 countries around the world with ebooks and print-on-demand. British authors can also produce audiobooks in collaboration with narrators through Audible. With the expansion of digital in Germany, there are also translation opportunities, as well as new partners for investigating media."
Visitors to Joanna’s website are guided through the daunting world of audiobooks, translation opportunities and the emerging overseas ebook markets. There’s also loads of information on there about being an author entrepreneur and multiplying income streams. It’s good stuff. The videos, podcasts, articles and links are a comprehensive resource for writers looking to maximise their readership and income.

Joanna Penn is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers on the edge, as well as non-fiction for authors, professional speaker and entrepreneur, and was voted as one of The Guardian UK's Top 100 Creative Professionals 2013.

The seminar How to Make a Living From Your Writing is being held on Saturday 11th April 2015. The full day (9.30am-5pm) includes morning and afternoon refreshments + lunch, and takes place at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio.

Cost: £75 (£50 NWS members). Early booking is advised as places are limited.
Booking options:
Online. Paypal via NWS
T. 0115 8372248

Are you a writer, or are ready to become one… Perhaps you’re an aspiring author or blogger, someone who wants to use their words to change other people’s lives – as well as your own.
Maybe you have written a book already, or have a blog, but you’re not making a decent income from it and you’re ready to take it to the next level.
Or maybe you’ve never pictured yourself as an author, but you do know that there’s a book in your head that you want to get out into the world.
You’re ready to raise your game…
You’re ready to learn what it takes to make a living from your writing, and you’re ready to commit to a more creative life.
Maybe you want to publish that book that you’re always thinking about.
Maybe you want to build a high-traffic blog.
Maybe you want to create a career where you get to use your words to educate, entertain or inspire others, as well as provide a great income and lifestyle for yourself.
Starting out is scary…

Everytime you think about building a career based on writing, you hear the following voices in your head:
•Who are you to think that you could do this?
•No one makes decent money from writing these days. I’ll never be able to pay the bills.
•My writing isn’t strong enough to compete.
•I could fail.
•What if it all ends up being a massive mistake?
•You convince yourself to give up before you’ve even started.

But now is the best time in history to make a living from your writing!

The internet enables writers to reach a global audience and earn an income online. Publishing has been radically changed by the rise of ebooks, mobile technology and print on demand options that enable authors to reach customers directly across the world.
Free marketing tools empower creatives to find their fans and interact without a middleman. It truly is a renaissance for writers, and you have a chance to be a part of it!
This inspirational and info-packed day will expand the possibilities for your writing, and you will leave with personalized next steps to further your creative and entrepreneurial career.

Who is this course for?
•Those who long to make writing a more active part of their life, but are lacking the confidence to take it further. People whose creativity is being destroyed by years of corporate work and are ready to break out.
•People who write – diaries, letters, long emails, blog posts, articles, stories, books, poems, anything – and who want to make writing their career.
•Authors and/or bloggers who aren’t currently making a decent income from their words and want to take the next step.

What you’ll walk away with:
•An overview of the changing industry for writers - the rise of ebooks, digital publishing, self-publishing, global and mobile markets, changing consumer habits to support artists directly, blogging and content marketing, micro-niches and more. Why this is the best time to be a writer!
•Creating a business through writing fiction and/or non-fiction books. The definition of an author-entrepreneur. How to turn one manuscript into multiple streams of income. Building your own assets for long-term success.
•Blogging as content marketing for products, services like professional speaking or consulting and affiliate income. The hybrid approach for combining both models.
•The practicalities: Sales and distribution, marketing, income and getting paid, expenses and start-up costs, cashflow and how the money works, time and productivity, business set-up. How long you can expect it to take before you can give up the day job!
•Pre-requisites to success: Understanding customers, building your team, the mindset of the creative entrepreneur, definitions of success. Shifting your perspective and next steps.

Please note: This course will not teach you HOW to write a novel or non-fiction book. This course will teach you about the potential business models around writing – through books, blogging, content marketing and other forms of writing. You can still do the course if you don’t have a book/blog yet, but it will be focused on the business and entrepreneurial side of writing.

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