Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Call for Nottingham Monologues

Act 2, in association with Fowl Humour, are looking for 10 minute monologues, set in a public space like a pub, a bench or a café, to be performed in Nottingham in late May. They are inviting writers to send in scripts which explore the theme of honesty and have a Nottingham voice at the centre of them. They want to hear writers' honest opinions about the city, its spaces and what maybe normally goes unsaid.

The scripts will be read by a panel and the top 3 will be produced with all other submissions receiving written feedback. The winning 10 minute pieces will be expanded with support from Act 2 and form part of an exciting week of theatre in Hockley and the Lace Market at the end of May.

The brief
A script of no more than 6 pages for a solo performer, with zero to minimal tech, set in a public space in Nottingham, that could be in Hockley or the Lace Market.

Please send these via email to act2playwriting@gmail.com by 5pm on Friday 10th April.


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