Friday, 10 April 2015

Shelves, the latest Dawn of the Unread

The new Dawn of the Unread is right up NottsLit's street.

It's the turn of Stanley Middleton to get the Dawn of the Unread treatment in their latest edition, which has David Belbin look back at his time with Nottingham's only Booker winning novelist.

This isn't just about Stan's life and work, it's a look at several writers with a connection to the city. From those still widely read (Graham Greene, J M Barrie) to the out of print (Cecil Roberts) and reissued (Dorothy Whipple), the comic depicts many of our literary lights and shows how our contemporary writers are standing on their shoulders.

The art comes from Ella Joyce, daughter of the late Graham Joyce who was due to work on the project. The graphics successfully bring to life venues and figures from our heritage. Fab.

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