Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Frederick Clements, a Nottingham writer.

Nottingham’s Yvonne Wright has turned to crowdfunder.co.uk to raise the £1,808 needed to create a biography of Frederick Clements. Frederick Who? You might ask. And that would be the reason for this book, to revive interest in the talented Nottingham writer/illustrator of the late 19th Century, and to celebrate his life and work.

Largely unknown today, Clements wrote and illustrated a two volume piece of work (he had intended to produce a third volume but never finished it). His subscribers included high profile local businessmen of the day.

This project is a labour of love for Yvonne who hopes the people of Nottingham (and beyond) will get to know Clements, a fellow citizen, albeit one that died almost a hundred years ago.
Twitter: @yvonnewright29

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