Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Poetry from Notts and beyond

Poetry from Nottinghamshire and beyond by James Lee Blunt
An accessible poetry collection of many forms inspired by Nottinghamshire and places further afield. Based on real everyday issues Lee James Blunt’s poetry and verse is partly inspired by the writer’s eventful mix of living in Notts and beyond.

From a former mining town, Blunt now lives in Carrington, Nottingham. He has served in the British Army in local regiment The Queens Royal Lancers (AKA the death or glory boys) where he was operational in Iraq, Bosnia and Poland, to name a few. He has also lived in Germany where he came to know the local culture and way of life, helping to influence his social commentary poetry.

Here’s an excerpt poem from the new collection:

The Soldiers Story 

He wore the green camouflage

he was a soldier at large

he left his hometown roots

to wear those combat boots

Germany, Poland and even Iraq

He’s Been to All The Places With a Pack On His Back

22 years under her majesty’s reign

seen his share of pleasure and pain

and now he is back in his home region

and an honourable member of the royal British legion,

old and bold with a great sense of pride

sat at the table with a pint by his side

tell his war stories where he was put to the test
head held high and medals pinned to his chest

he’s the old soldier
nobody told ya
always respect him

never forget him.


Twitter. @bluntpoet78

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