Friday, 11 December 2015

Book Flood for our City of Literature

A Book Flood for our City of Literature

Proud of my home county I wanted to help promote its incredible literary output and the many writing/reading events and groups that are active here. So I created this blog NottsLit. That was back in 2011.
Last year I was delighted to learn that Nottingham was aiming to become a UNESCO City of Literature. For too long we had concealed our achievements, it was about time we celebrated them. 

A man could no longer be private and withdrawn. The world allows no hermits. D. H. Lawrence
Now it’s been announced that the bid has been successful and the world can learn what we already knew – but kept to ourselves – that Nottingham is a City of Literature. This permanent accreditation is partly due to Byron, Lawrence and Sillitoe, writers that shook the establishment, but also to the many others that have stood on their rebellious shoulders. I congratulate the hardworking team that put the bid together, and thank them. We must now build upon this status and actively promote our heritage and thriving writing scene. Above all the promised economic benefits and tourism boosts I’m most excited by the pride and inspiration this award can offer to the city’s youth. 

How about marking this announcement with our very own Book Flood? In Iceland the majority of books are published in October and November, ready for their national tradition of Jolabokaflod or Christmas Book Flood. Most Icelanders settle down on Christmas Eve (when their gifts are exchanged) to read a brand new book. So why not join Reykjavik, one of our fellow Cities of Literature, in buying books this Christmas, the perfect present from a new City of Literature resident.
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