Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas, with a local connection.

Secret Nottingham by Joe and Frank Earp
Nottingham’s unknown history told through its streets and below. Father and son authors Frank and Joe Earp have collected little gems of information about Notts and present many of them here in a book that’s perfect to dip in and out of. Fill your stockings. Link

Dawn of the Unread by James Walker et al
The inventive interactive comic, which sees our literary figures return from the grave, is now available as a glossy graphic novel and it’s a sumptuous production. Fit for any coffee table it’s a perfect pressie for anyone with breath in their lungs.  Link
Faction is all the rage. These are novels based on a historical figure or events that are woven together with fictitious elements. And we have a couple of belters for you:

Bendigo – the Right Fist of God by Alan Dance and David Field
A novel based on the life of William Thompson, better known as Bendigo. The story follows our sporting legend from the poverty of a Nottingham slum to fame and fortune as champion bare-fist boxer of all England. With many myths doing the rounds this work of fiction incorporated the facts in an authentically set story that goes beyond the fighting years to the drinking, law-breaking and religion that occupied the big man’s retirement. Link 

The Lord of Milan by Robert Nieri
From Mansfield Road to founding AC Milan, this is the story of Herbert Kilpin, a man that lived for his footy and died in obscurity 100 years ago. Finally, his story is being told. Our Lord of Milan, father of Italian football. Link


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