Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards

Captivate OUT NOW
Being the best you can be doesn’t require saying ‘yes’ to everything and you don’t have to ‘fake it to make it’. Instead, Captivate teaches you how to be authentic through seeking out situations that enable you to thrive simply by being you. Learn how to be a good listener, discover how dopamine can mark your conversations, and find out why pockets are the murderers of rapport. At times funny, often insightful and always accessible, Captivate is crammed with practical tips to improve your relationships. 

The science, such as how novelty stimulates the brain, is well explained and the personal stories draw you in. Never heard of the Franklin effect? this book is for you. There are tips on where to stand at a party, and why, as science and its practical implications are brought together by Vanessa Van Edwards, a superb communicator. 

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